Fashion Gallery Borås – Berlin

Marketplace Borås in cooperation with the City of Borås offers you as a designer a unique opportunity to showcase and sell your clothes in the popular mall Bikini Berlin.

During the period 160901–170201 we will put up a pop-up store in Berlin where all the designers exhibiting in the Marketplace Gallery in Boras during this period also will be exposed in Fashion Gallery Borås. Your creations will be marketed and sold in Fashion Gallery Borås in Berlin, and in addition to that the City of Borås and Borås Marketplace will be organizing promotional events, fashion shows, etc. All designers will also be mentioned with their name and picture in the material handed out in stores during the period.
If you are interested in participating or want more information, contact one of us:

Nelly Hayek, business developer Borås 0708-357153,

Nanette Espinasse, CEO Marketplace Boras 0705-258867,

The costs to be admitted in the project is 2000 sek, this includes a member of Marketplace Borås. The membership is your key to seminars, events and workshops, and you become part of an exclusive network of expertise and experience in the textile, fashion and design. Read more on

This project is a cooperation between the City of Borås and Markeplace Borås. The goal is to put Borås on the map as a international city of fashion and textile.

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